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Discos from £185.00 dependant on location and times

Professional Service
As the saying goes, its not what you've got, it's what you do with it that counts.

Many DJs and Mobile Disco operators will try to impress by listing their equipment and saying how loud/bright their speakers and lights are...

I let my service and experience speak for itself. My setup will easily fill a small-medium venue that caters for up to 200 people, all for a very reasonable price.

If you have any questions, or would like me to provide references, just ask...


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Over 20 Years Experience Courteous Service
Competitive Rates Friendly DJ
Most Bookings by Recommendation 2x150 Watt Sound System
Music 50s to Present Day Light Show


Mobile Disco Service

What you should expect 

The basic Mobile Disco service comprises of turning up at the venue at least 45 minutes before the start of the event, and setting up the equipment and lights.

The position of the disco should ideally be on a raised stage if available, and certainly near electric power points. A couple of tables for the DJ's use should be left in the appropriate area.

The rigging of the equipment will take approximately 30 minutes, at which stage a sound and lighting test will be carried out.

Whilst the guests are arriving, suitable background music will be played at a low level, whilst the guests mingle.

At an agreed time or upon a signal from the host, the DJ will welcome guests to the event, and start the music. - It is good idea the advise the DJ before hand if there are any speeches, or food to be brought out, as this will help in the planning of the music for the first part of the event.
At the end of the event, again at an agreed time with the party host, or on instruction of the licensee (in licensed premises), the DJ will wind the evening up.

The equipment will be de-rigged and packed away, and the area left in the same state as it was found. - The de-rigging should take approximately 20 Minutes.

Payment to the DJ should be made as soon as possible after the welcoming announcement.

If you would like the DJ to carry on after the agreed finish time, please advise the DJ as early as possible, so that the music set can be adjusted accordingly. The DJ will need the permission of the licensee or venue to ensure compliance with the entertainments licence in the premises. The DJ will advise a cost for additional time, and payment should be made in cash before the additional time commences .

The right music at the right time

Some people think of DJs and especially Wedding DJs as cheesy.
In my experience, its more often than not that at weddings the tunes some people class as "cheesy" are the songs that fill the dance floor.
I try to meet with the Bride & Groom before their wedding day if possible to understand the type of music they would like on the night, the songs they want to hear, and the songs/music they definitely do not want.

Those that pay the piper, call the tune. If you don't want cheese, let me know the type of cheese/songs/artists you don't want, and I won't play them...  (and for the avoidance of doubt, I will never play the Birdy Song / Black Lace or similar without an explicit request from the party host/bride & groom)

A lot of the time I am asked for no "cheesy" stuff, however a lot of wedding invitations are now sent with a suggestion card for tunes/songs for the reception disco and the song choices/suggestions that are returned and suggested include a lot of what some people describe as 'cheese'.

One person's 'cheese' is another person's absolute must-have party song.

As a DJ, it takes a little time to get to know the audience on the night, but once you are up and dancing, I should be able to keep you there all night.
Weddings and family parties are tricky beasts, as you have to cater for all ages from 5 - 85. Any DJ worth his salt will try to cater for all tastes, and subtly change the music over the course of the evening to include current chart, rock 'n' roll, disco etc... as appropriate to the audience to try and give everybody the chance to get up and dance to the tunes they enjoy.
I am often surprised by the different ages dancing to different music, from those in their more senior years dancing to David Guetta, to the 20-something 'clubbers' who suddenly spring to life when a bit of Motown is played.
I will try to fulfil all requests on the night (within the guidelines discussed with the party hosts), but if asked for some pumping dance whilst the dancefloor is full of people jiving then, you may have to wait a little while for your request, as a sudden change in tempo and music style that people are enjoying will clear the dancefloor instantly - not something any DJ or party-goer enjoys.

REMEMBER: A professional DJ will always play the right music for the occasion. Many operators think that the more lights/speakers/amplifiers they carry, the better they are. True, lots of flashing lights do look nice, but always ask the mobile disco before booking about their music and experience, what type of functions they have played, and if they are prepared to give you references. There is no substitute for experience and reputation!

REGULAR BOOKINGS:  Middleton Sports Club (Resident DJ for events); Rumshack Event Management; John Wiley & Sons (Bognor) Staff Parties and Celebrations;

Many of the staff from the above companies and members of clubs / societies book me as their first choice disco for their own private functions / weddings / celebrations after attending one of my events.

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