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Commercial Radio Production and Presentation

 ·  Freelance Radio Producer and Presenter

 ·  In-house Commercial Production using SAdiE, Adobe Audition

 ·  Radio Presentation (ILR & RSL Stations)


Radio Producer / Radio Presenter

Apart from running my Mobile Disco, I am a freelance presenter and producer for Spirit FM, the commercial radio service for West Sussex.

I am not currently regularly on air, having finished the popular Sunday Afternoon Retro Show 'Peter Plays Pop' at the end of October 2012. I am however on call for holiday cover, bank holidays, and the adjudicator on the Sunday pub quiz 'Battle of the Boozers'

I am very active behind the scenes at the radio station, with ad-hoc production, tech-opp-ing outside broadcasts and various other bits and bobs

I have experience with SADiE and Adobe Audition for production and have been a commercial producer since 1998.

On Air, I have used AudioVault, EncoDAD and RCS Selector for music and commercial playout, pre-record and voice-tracking.

I have been involved with the production of the various branding elements (jingles & sweepers) for the radio station since 1998, producing the various elements that positioned the on-air sound during the following 'campaigns' "Only Choice; Really Refreshing; Heart & Soul; Proudly Serving; Greatest Hits, Latest News and We Are West Sussex",

In 2010 I worked on the launch of a new imaging package for Spirit FM after travelling to the studios of S2Blue in Staffordshire to sit in and help direct the jingle and imaging session.

 I am also one of the chaps who pushes the buttons in the studio when the radio station goes out and about with an Outside Broadcast... and I also take the Outside Broadcast vehicle out and about to various events across the county.




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